Corona Virus

Hi Everyone,

I hope you are all well and your families are safe.

We as a business have taken the decision this week to stop chasing
debtors until the lockdown is lifted in the UK. Our regulators the FCA and the
Credit Services Association have advised us that it is unethical to chase
businesses during this period, and we have not been able to speak to a lot of
businesses since the lockdown happened in the UK, and last week we were
completely wasting our time to be honest. Businesses are closed and we cannot
get to speak to anyone who can help us or make payments etc.

We will resume normal service once the lockdown in the UK is lifted.  

We should also make you aware that the UK Government are trying to get
some legislation approved which will prevent us from raising Winding Up
Petitions or making individuals bankrupt for the next six months. We have
already been informed that we are not able to raise new court actions during
the lockdown period and maybe for sometime after this. Anything which is
currently in the system will be OK.

Once we have some further updates on the situation we will come back to
you all.

There is no point in asking us for updates on cases during the lockdown
period in the UK, as we have nothing to tell you. We have a basic debt
collection system whilst out the office. All cases are spread amongst our
workforce in Glasgow and London, and we are finding it difficult to speak to
some of them whilst this lockdown is in place. Some of them are in self
isolation, are unwell or trying to look after a family member who is unwell, so
we are not chasing them for updates.

I hope you can all bear with us during this difficult time.

Hope you all stay safe.

Kind Regards

Steven Little ACICM

Debt Collect UK

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