Corona Virus – Turkey

Published on 24 March 2020 in Sekundi


Hello dear friends and colleagues, 

Thank you for sharing the developments and the latest situation both at your company and country. It is indeed helpful to clear some questions in mind, and especially for all of us, who are operating ‘internationally’.

Similarly, in Turkey most people are confined at home and working remotely in case the nature of the work allows it. Although the number of infected people is 47 as of today (which is relatively lower compared to our neighboring countries), measures have been taken to reduce the citizens’ mobility and the contagiousness of the virus since 11 march.  

Our team, adapting to the current situation, is working remotely and closely follow any development in all cases. 

I also hope that you are all well and that we will all get through this epidemic at soonest. 

A new era with more hygiene and more digital oriented is beginning. 

Kind regards,

Ayse Burcu Arslan Demirtas – Managing Director / Founder
ARS Consultancy – International Debt Collection in Turkey

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