SEKUNDI International debt collection

International debt collection in cooperation with the Sekundi network.

International debt collection is a service we offer you when the person who owes you money resides or has its registered office in a country other than yours.

We have only one goal to ensure that your unpaid invoice is paid to you as quickly as possible and for an excellent value for money service.

The Sekundi international debt collection network has two major strengths
  • We act in the country of the one who owes you money
  • Our prices are the same in all countries and they are success fees

In order to successfully sell abroad you have had to solve, among other things, language problems, local usage problems, tax and customs problems, logistics problems etc.

The same type of difficulty exists when it comes to making a debtor who is located abroad pay.

An approach that consists of acting from your country with an employee or a service provider who is fluent in the language of the country concerned is not the most effective.

To get you paid quickly for what is owed to you abroad, the effective approach is to act on the spot, with a local specialist.

This is what the Sekundi international debt collection network offers you. You have an interlocutor in your country with whom you communicate and this one is responsible for transmitting your file upon receipt to his local partner who will act according to the customs and rules of the country concerned to obtain payment of your invoice.

The Sekundi international debt collection network has carefully selected all the members, they are recognized professionals, long established and renowned for their reliability.

The objective of the Sekundi Group

is to establish a worldwide network with a strong business partner in each country to guarantee optimum case handling at local level with the respective support of intelligence specific to each country. Deploying the required adroitness and the appropriate legal competencies, we act rapidly and effectively.

A uniform pricing policy throughout Europe is not so common.
And your time is freed up to use elsewhere.

We keep you informed via Intranet 24/7 on any developments in your accounts and provide reports on the progress of debt collections in the language of your choice.

After years of preparation, Sekundi CVBA was officially founded in Brussels on 31 October 2008.

The initiative behind the founding of the European debt collection network came from:

Peter Hauser – Encash – Austria
Georges Vonfelt – Gevo – France
Hans Kuik  – Idcas – the Netherlands


Sekundi is your go-to partner for maximum performance

The language barrier, geographical distance and myriad divergent legal systems complicate the international collection of debts generated by foreign commercial transactions.
We can keep track of each one of your accounts beyond the border. Our local business partners are conversant with the legal systems and particularities of each country. We grasped the necessity of establishing new strategies a long time ago, in view of an increasingly international market, extending worldwide.

Take a look at the list of our Partners to find the countries in which we can successfully look after your business interests.

To provide the very best products and services offered by Sekundi’s partners, we put a powerful interface at your disposal (Intranet) to ensure faultless data processing.

Our quality standards, in tandem with the competence of Sekundi and its local business partners, provide the best guarantee to secure payment for your foreign sales and services.


Debt collection worldwide

Relying on many long years of experience, our local experts guarantee the efficient collection of your debts. Sekundi can offer amicable debt collection as well as disputed debt collection by means of legal action.

Sekundi makes it point of honour to treat debtors fairly, even if they themselves have failed to honour the payment of invoices, in order not to endanger the commercial relationship that you cultivate with your clients.


  • You only pay when we have success in collecting your debt.
  • In the amicable phase you do not pay any upfront or base-fee.
  • You only pay when you and we are successful in what we do.
  • you in your skill and we in ours: collecting the pay you worked for.
  • Please contact us via the contact page and we will make you a tailor-made offer

For debts that fall under Business-to-Business,

two essential points should be borne in mind: a rapid, immediate approach and consideration of the specific demands of your company.

Although we focus on collecting your debt, we never abandon our principles of respect and ethics, thus allowing you to continue your commercial relationship with the debtor. This is why many firms, irrespective of their size, entrust us with the management of their commercial debt management and the collection of their unpaid invoices.

Your Advantages:

  • Management of client receivables in line with the needs of your business sector
  • Healthy cash flow
  • High rate of collection
  • Knowledge of the habits and customs of each country
  • Professionalism at all times, under all circumstances

Falling purchasing power and an increasing number of bad payers are two of the defining phenomena of our times.

In the field of B2C, companies therefore have to deal with ever later payments, with ever increasing client liabilities and with every more serious default. When the economic context is difficult and competition becomes increasingly incisive, it is vital in debt management that any debt collection processes are fast and effective and information on the client’s solvency is up-to-date.

To manage client receivables successfully, two factors must come together: effective tools and people who know how to use them with professionalism and adroitness.

Our specialisation guarantees fast debt collection and, therefore, lowers the debt. All the more so when the debt is flagged quickly, without delay.

From locating the address, taking in the online investigation into solvency and commercial intelligence, to amicable and disputed collection: we can provide you with the information and services you need to increase overall performance and attempt to prevent payment defaults. We are your competent go-to contact when it comes to debt collection solutions and solvency appraisals in the B2C sector.

Your Advantages:

  • Healthy cash flow
  • High rate of collection
  • Knowledge of the habits and customs of each country
  • Professionalism at all times, under all circumstances


Sekundi CVBA European Cash Management & International Debt Collection

Pegasuslaan 5
1831 Diegem Brussels, Belgium

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