Do you know the shopping nomads?

Published on 8 June 2023 in Cash management

We call shopping nomads buyers who shop in online shops and never thought of paying. They order again and again in the same shop until the company blocks the data and puts them on an internal so-called black list.

Then they just go to the next online shop and keep ordering. These buyers aren’t only people from your country. Debtors do not stop at the border.

How to protect form shopping nomad?

Get an idea of Conditions the payment behavior of a potential customer in advance. Check the creditworthiness before delivery or provision of your service.

Valuable tips from debt collection experts BURG Inkasso AG:

  • Capture full address details. (no PO Box addresses)
  • Write down your telephone or cell phone number.
  • Write down the date of birth.
  • Registering an email address is also helpful.
  • For legal entities, contact us. We check whether a company is active or already deleted.

In case of non-payment, delegate to a debt collection agency

Bad debts will always occur, despite all precautionary measures. However, the faster you react to this, the more successful the collection of receivables at home and abroad will be.

Since each country has its own jurisdiction, it is a great advantage if you have a local partner representing you. They know the respective rights, the language, and the culture very well, even though there are big differences.

In Switzerland, for example, different prices are charged for official acts in the various cantons. If these costs cannot be charged to the debtor because he has no financial means, the creditor is fully liable.

Outsource the unpaid invoices to a Sekundi debt collection specialist so that you can focus on your day-to-day business while we prevent a total bad debt loss.

Do you have questions ? Do not hesitate and contact us or one of our partners.

We look forward to you.

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