Extrajudicial debt collection in Greece (EN)

Published on 23 February 2023 in Cash management, Recovery Guidelines

KPAG Kosmidis & Partners Law Firm approaches each case carefully and chooses the fastest and most cost-effective way to secure debt recovery.

Our team starts the extrajudicial recovery proceedings by sending a written demand of payment to the debtor by First Class recorded delivery, followed by phone calls. In certain cases, the demand of payment is served on the debtor by a clerk, so that the debtor takes the letter more seriously.

Prior to preparing the letter, we usually obtain business information and profile report on the debtor, in order to have a better image of the debtor’s financial situation which enables us to select the most suitable method to handle the delinquent account and inform our client accordingly.

In our contacts with the debtor, we consider and discuss possible solutions, which include the installment of plans and negotiations about any disputed matter. If such extrajudicial actions fail, only then do we instigate legal actions, choosing the appropriate remedy, in cooperation with the client.

The client can rely on our smart and organized reporting system, which is ISO 9001 compliant. Every partner, associate, and employee in our firm must respond to any client inquiry and notify the client in writing about any developments in the case within 24 hours. 

Therefore, the client is always kept up to date on his case.

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