Smooth International Debt Collection in Finland (EN)

Published on 23 February 2023 in Cash management, Recovery Guidelines

Sekundi’s network of international debt collector professionals solves this problem efficiently. Pappila Penkkala Group Oy is the only Finnish member of the organization.

Debt recovery from a foreign country can be a frustrating experience.

In Finland, our debt recovery service works by first sending a note of complaint. If this doesn’t work, a collection letter will be sent to the debtor. In the case of substantial sums of money, the process may proceed to bankruptcy collection. However, if the liquidity assessment shows that the debtor is insolvent or that solvency isn’t sufficient, we recommend to mark the debt as a credit loss.

When the debtor is located in a foreign country, the usual way of debt collection in Finland starts with the aid of a local collection agency. Unfortunately, this way of international debt collection is almost always very expensive and time-consuming. Pappila Penkkala Group and Sekundi network offer an alternative for this insufficient way of international debt recovery.

Sekundi network’s unique method of international debt collection works by utilizing one trusted collection agency in each country. If, for example, a Finnish business has a debtor in Poland, Pappila Penkkala Group will send the details of the debt to the local agency via a safe intranet connection. After this, the debt collection is handled by the agency with the best know-how of the country’s debt collection practices.

This practice has multiple benefits for the client. The local agency is always able to find the best ways to contact the debtor and get the payment as swiftly as possible. In addition, the client is provided with real-time information about the advancement of the debt collection process – in their own language.

Using only one collection agency with Sekundi network is more cost-efficient as well as faster than the traditional method of using multiple agencies. The network has strict quality control and makes it possible for the client to deal with only one local collection agency at a given time. This minimizes the chance for misunderstandings due to cultural differences.     

Pappila Penkkala Group Oy is a Finnish debt collection company founded in 1993. We provide legal, financial, and management services mostly for small and medium-sized enterprises as well as municipalities. As the only Finnish member of Sekundi network, we’re also able to provide reliable international debt collection services to our clients.  

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