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Annual partner meeting & partner news (EN)

On May 13 the annual Sekundi partner meeting will be held. For the 8th time now.’

The place of the meeting will be the Radisson Blue Portland Hotel, in London.

Due to the continuous growth of the debt recovery network, the network has now members in 25 countries in and outside Europe the attendants to the meeting will be more than ever before.

The latest members who have joined us are Omniveta, debt collectors in Denmark and Sweden.

For the first time attending will be our new members in Belgium: Advia, Croatia: Vukmir and Luxembourg: Assia Behat Law office.

Just before the meeting the new website of Sekundi, debt recovery network, will go online, complete with BLOG and other social media: a new look, an upgrade of the website, adjusted to this time, just as the network itself.

In the past years, Sekundi has proven to be a useful aid to a lot of companies who did do international businesses but were not insured for debt recovery, mostly because of the enormous costs related to that kind of insurance.

Since the debt insurance is good for only 50% of the international claims, the potential for Sekundi is huge, since it is the only network throughout Europe which works which fixed costs all over the continent.

Because that is the unique proposal Sekundi debt recovery network offers to her clients:

Local specialists who have agreed to work for the same success fee and charge the same flat fee for legal procedures, assuming certain conditions are met.

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