Corona Virus

Dear All,

A little update from Holland concerning Corona.

I think all over Europe and even worldwide the situation is more or less the same: In Holland the courts close tomorrow, March 17. Starting today until at least April 6 all schools and daycare centers and universities are closed and everyone is asked to work from home. (Schools stay open to take care of children under 13 of whom parents work in vital sectors like nurses policemen etc).

Since yesterday 18.00 h all places where you can buy food and drinks are closed until April 6 (at least). So it is not a complete lock down yet and maybe that will not be necessary but probably that will be the next step.

We work from home so that is no problem but debt recovery will get “different” in this crisis.

I wish you all the best and that this crisis will come to an end soon and, in the words of our minister of public health “look after each other”.

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