Information about debt collection in Switzerland

Published on 23 February 2023 in Cash management, Recovery Guidelines

At first an important aspect for debt collection in Switzerland: unlike many other countries in Europe in Switzerland it is not allowed to put the debtor in account for the cost if the debt collection service providers. The have to be adopted completely by the creditor.

Procedure of BURG Inkasso AG :

Receiving a collection order the team of BURG Inkasso AG initially hits clarifications concerning address, borrower’s creditworthiness or the status of a company in the commercial register.

Afterward, the debtor receives a first request of payment in which BURG Inkasso AG refers to the requirement and that this is no longer a foreign matter, but will be processed nationally. If there is no response 14 days later we sent a second reminder in which we announce legal steps. If the payment is still denied, we try to reach the debtor by phone or send an email. When we reach the debtor we will discuss the matter and we respond to inconsistent statements and match the customer.

Only when all extrajudicial measures have not been successful – and after consultation with the client – we shall initiate the court orders. These are called in Switzerland enforcement and also needs to be performed when a titled demand exists.

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