Debt Collection in Slovakia and the Czech Republic

Debt recovery in a foreign country is never an easy task. That's why the Sekundi network offers you the services of companies that specialise in invoice collection in your country. Thanks to our partner, we can take care of picking up your invoice in the Czech Republic or Slovakia, for example.

How to set up an effective debt recovery strategy in Slovakia and the Czech Republic ?

We believe in intensive collection. Debt collection is carried out daily, while all debtors are regularly contacted. Our goal is always to talk to key decision makers to agree on a quick debt settlement.

What are the costs and fees associated with debt recovery in Slovakia and the Czech Republic ?

The collection commission is charged according to the valid Sekundi price list.

In the case of judicial recovery, the costs of the lawyer, as well as the court fee, are always calculated from the principal of the claim. All costs of legal action are always agreed by the client in advance.

Can debt recovery be automated to make it more efficient ?

We do not believe that automating debt collection processes could make them more efficient. Each claim is different, as is the debtor. The recovery process is an art of negotiation.

Current statistics on debt recovery in Slovakia and the Czech Republic

We do not keep statistics on the success of recovery. We accept all cases for recovery (not only the "good" ones), because we believe that we can help the creditor even in case of non-payment of the claim (we register the claim for bankruptcy, we suggest other effective procedures that save the creditor's time and money, ...).

How can collection processes in Slovakia and the Czech Republic be improved?

Debtor contacts and supporting documents can significantly improve collection efficiency.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the appropriate legal procedures for the recovery of outstanding debts in Slovakia?

The order for payment procedure provides a quick way of recovering a debt. It requires the creditor to sufficiently substantiate the existence of the claim. There is no need to appear in court as it is a written procedure.

If no payment is made and the debtor does not file a resistance, execution follows.

How can I manage relationships with foreign debtors to facilitate debt recovery in Slovakia?

Claims in abroad are not directly collected by our company. We always send them to our Sekundi partners. We believe that collection should be provided by a local debt collection agency at the debtor's place of business.

How can I manage the risks associated with debt recovery in Slovakia and the Czech Republic?

The risk associated with enforceability is reduced when we can support our arguments with documents and power of attorney. On the other hand, the risk of payment of the claim increases with increasing time after the maturity of the claim.

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