Debt collection in France

You have an unpaid bill in France? Discover our debt collection support in France for international companies.

Implementing an effective debt collection strategy in France

The collection must first be preceded by an analysis of the typology of the files and debtors in order to define a suitable scenario and the best actions to be taken.

Associated with the automation of collection actions, we adapt the discourse to be used with your debtor customers throughout the amicable procedure: negotiation, payment instalments are privileged solutions of amicable collection.

Successful debt collection with a debtor in France

The main criterion is to have a complete file in order to ensure recovery:

  • Purchase order signed by the debtor or order by email
  • Delivery note signed by the debtor
  • Invoices

Prefer a written relationship rather than a telephone one (emails to ensure the traceability of the existence of the debt), but also that all parties understand each other well. The tools available today allow you to easily translate a text from one language to another, but this is not the case for telephone conversations.

Recover your international receivables!

International debt collection in cooperation with the Sekundi network.

International debt collection is a service we offer when the person who owes you money resides or is headquartered in a country other than yours.

Current statistics on debt collection in France

The collection rate depends on the freshness of the claim. If they are transmitted within less than 90 days, the collection rate will be around 40% for civil claims and 65% for commercial claims.

What are the risks associated with unpaid bills?

The risks associated with collection are the probabilities of default that increase over time. To mitigate these risks of collective proceedings, companies must be more reactive and call upon dunning and collection professionals within a maximum of 60 days after the due date.

Time is the enemy of recovery!

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Frequently asked questions about debt collection in France

What are the appropriate legal procedures for collecting unpaid debts in my country?

There are three procedures in judicial collection:

  • Order to pay :

This is the most used procedure in debt collection.

It does not require the intervention of a lawyer and we can file the application for an order for payment directly with the competent court. This is particularly recommended if the claim is not contested.

The judge issues an order for payment which must be served by a bailiff. The debtor has one month to contest this order. Failing this, the order will become enforceable at the end of this period and enforcement measures may be initiated.

  • Referral for provisional payment

It is also a procedure for obtaining a prescription quickly. The intervention of a lawyer is necessary here and this procedure is subject to a strict condition: the claim must not be seriously contestable.

The judge will issue an order called enforceable by operation of law on a provisional basis, the creditor can then serve this order by way of a bailiff and start the enforcement procedure.

  • The summons for payment.

It is a longer procedure with several hearings, drafting of conclusions etc... This procedure will therefore be much faster than the two previous ones but also more expensive.

What are the costs and fees associated with debt collection in France?

The costs and fees for success are common to the entire network : 15% success fee.

Court proceedings are handled by package if :

  • The claim is not contested
  • The debtor is solvent
  • The claim is documented

Court fees vary depending on the amount of the debt to be recovered:

  • 545 for claims up to 3 500.00
  • 895 for claims between 3501.00€ and 7500.00€.
  • 1295 € for claims between 7501.00€ and 20 000.00€.

How can data be used to improve collection processes?

The DATA is essential in the collection, we need data such as phone, email, addresses, amount and cause of the debt.

We use this data in our scenarios by using all the new technology (reminders by e-mail, SMS, etc.) associated with a debtor scoring system that allows us to develop the scenario according to the debtor's creditworthiness.

How can I measure the performance of my debt collection strategies?

We have a customer portal with performance statistics, all customers have access to both the actions performed by our services and the performance, collection rate, speed of collection.

How can I automate debt collection processes to make them more efficient?

We invite our customers to send us files that we integrate after a data mapping, we match your file exports. To make the scenario more effective, it is imperative to alternate telephone calls, emails, letters and SMS.

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